At Polyscience our specialists are continuously searching for new solutions for our customers.

That’s why we are proud to introduce the new polymer: SMALP® 1100I.

SMALP® 1100I is an alternative polymer which will address the limitations of SMA for the solubilization of membrane protein.

Although SMA is widely applicable for the solubilization of membrane protein, there are still experimental conditions where better performance is desired. Limitations include:
- An inability to solubilise proteins in the presence of divalent cations
- A pH operating range of > pH 6.5.
To address these limitations, we developed an alternative polymer, polystyrene-co maleimide (SMI) SMALP® 1100I.
We are pleased to offer you an introduction package to explore the possibilities of SMALP® 1100I in your research.
For every order of SMALP® 25010P, SMALP® 30010P or SMALP® 40005P (min. 10g) you will receive 5g of SMALP® 1100I for free*.
We hope this introduction package will allow you to bring you one step closer to your solution.

*  Offer only valid for orders via the Polyscience website with credit card. Minimum quantity:10g. Offer subject to availability. 


Stefan Scheidelaar guest speaker at the SMALP network conference

Stefan Scheidelaar, SMALP specialist at Polyscience, presented at the SMALP network. Stefan elaborated on the launch of our new polymer SMALP® 1100I. 

The SMALP network offers polymers, methods and meetings to support the growing community of scientists and companies interested in the preparation of membrane nanodiscs formed by polymers including styrene maleic acid for biological research and drug discovery applications.

During the conference, which took place on the 19th of June 2020, Stefan Scheidelaar represented the Polyscience company and gave an introduction of SMALP® 1100I.

SMALP® 1100I is a positively charged copolymer which complements the existing SMALP reagents and is compatible with divalent cations and pH > 6.5.

For more information take a look at the presentation.

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Xiran® SL 30010 P20 is now commercially available as SMALP® 30010 P.  The succesful research is published in JACS.

JACS, the journal of Organic Chemistry published a research of the Polymer Xiran® SL 30010 P.

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