Technical datasheet

The SMALP® products 25010P, 30010P, and 40005P are aqueous solutions of SMA polymer potassium salts. The aqueous polymer solutions are ready-to-use products specifically designed for biomedical research purposes.

SMALP® 1100 I is an aqueus solution of quart salt of styrene – maleimide copolymer.

Application area
The SMALP products have been developed for biomedical purposes, in particular, for the solubilization of (biological) lipid membranes and isolation & purification of integral membrane proteins.

Recommended use
The SMALP® products have been specifically formulated as ready-to-use products. The solutions can be added directly to whole cell extracts and lipid membrane suspensions in buffer. These products can be used for primarily all membrane hosts, e.g. bacteria, yeast, and human cells among others. After addition of the solution, incubation under stirring requires around 1-2 hours before protein purification (e.g. a inity chromatography, etc).

Recommended concentration
Mix the solutions as supplied in the membrane suspension to an overall concentration between 1 - 5% w/w of the SMALP® solution to the total solution. The above recommended use and concentration can be used as an indication. Optimal conditions must be determined experimentally.

Product properties
•     Research quality product
•     Excellent dispersing qualities
•     Ready-to-use solutions
•     High polymer content
•     Very low VOC
•     Low solution viscosity
•     Good thermal stability
•     Freeze-thaw stable

Store at cool and dry places, protected from direct sunlight. Long-term storage is recommended at 4º C. In case of turbidity at low temperature, heat up to 30º C and stir. After storage at low temperature, viscosity might have increased. Warm to room temperature to decrease viscosity again. Do not store in the presence of oxidizing or acidic materials.

Health and safety
All health related risks are mentioned in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Download SDS GB SMALP 25010P SMALP30010P SMALP40005P

Download SDS US SMALP 25010P SMALP30010P SMALP40005P

Download SDS US SMALP1100I

Download SDS GB SMALP1100I

Download Quick Protocol Solubilisation with SMALP 1100 I

SMALP® Products

The values given are typical values and do not represents specification limits.

  Unit SMALP® 25010 P SMALP® 30010 P SMALP® 40005 P
Polymer styrene-to-maleic anhydride ratio n:m 3:1 2.3:1 1.4:1
Molecular weight Da 10.000 6.500 5.000
Dry solids content % w/w ≥ 20.0% w/w ≥ 20.0% w/w ≥ 20.0% w/w
Solvent   Water Water Water
pH   8.0 7.5 6.0
Absolute viscosity mPa·s ≤ 5000 ≤ 5000 ≤ 5000
Color   Colorless Yellowish Amber
Odor   Odorless Odorless Odorless

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